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Yandex cancels reference. What to do?
Sensational statement from Yandex ! He plans at the beginning of next year to give up keeping links to rank sites. In the first phase we will focus on commercial inquiries to rank sites.

Sitemap . Why you need it and how to make it ?
Thinking about creating a " Site Maps "? Let's try to sort out how to do it .
Let's start with definitions: Sitemap - separate page which lists all the sections, subsections , articles. This kind of directory in which recorded every article site with links to those same articles. more

What SMO?
The concept of SMO (social media optimization) in translating into the Russian language means optimization under social MASS-MEDIA. Social mass medias in the Internet are different associations, i.e. associations of people round one or a few general ideas or interests. more

Internet - systems
Conducting direction of activity firm is the introduction of complex Internets - systems for the companies, which have decided to take advantage in own activity of huge opportunities of a worldnet.
"Doslydnik" solves a complete complex of business-tasks in this sphere, in particular offers to the clients of service of hosnihg; creations of the original concept and design of a resource; development of complex program elements (electronic catalogue, on - line shop, systems of registration of the orders, dynamic systems of updating and editing of the information, etc.); advertising in a network the Internet both separate resource, and company as a whole.
Development of WEB -SITES
Proceeding from the tasks, put by the client, we carry out development and support of WEB -sites and WEB - servers , Internets - shops. The original and exclusive design is developed for each client, we create the appropriate graphic interface, if necessary with application of technologies Flash. We carry out of programming for Internets - systems and its realization on concrete objects, applying thus elements of modern interactive technology. The programming answers the modern requirements and is carried out on the basis of systems JAVA, PERL, PHP, C/C ++ and VB. We create systems of registration of the orders on-line, E-commerce, Internets - shops. In structure of services, which we render, integration of databases, technical support and support. Our partners in this direction of work is the Internet group Da.Net


PP " Doslidnyk " offers services of advising on educational and scientific and technical themes.

Advertising in the Internet

The modern business requires modern technologies and already a little who underestimates a role of a network the Internet, as one of the basic means of progress of the goods both services and powerful means of competitive struggle in the market. With the help of a set of various network technologies the decision of tasks of the tax and analysis of the strategically important information, and the extraction of additional profits become a little bit easier. Among arguments, which convince of a necessary choice, - creation of advertising idea, selection of visual images, realization of shootings, spelling of the advertising text, manufacture and accommodation of advertising. Our firm secret - skill to isolate, and skilfully to show the best features advertised to object, to pick up simple and clear images, and also to write easy for storing the advertising texts. We show things from the best party, and they begin new life with new style - style of success. Our partners in this direction of work are the Internet group Da.Net, "meta -design ltd."
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